Video Tutorial: Can you handle the Heavies?

by CCP Games

How is it going pilots? Are you enjoying your time in New Eden so far? No doubt you are already aware that when you achieve level three you will unlock the Heavy Class ships.

Compared to the fighters, heavies are slow and cumbersome and, as such, might be viewed as a less attractive and glamorous option. We’re here to tell you that you couldn’t be more wrong.

Switch up to a heavy ship and you can start to dish out some serious punishment to your opponents. There are a few things to bear in mind when piloting a heavy ship.

Heavies are the tanks of the Valkyrie fleet. They ARE slow, and they ARE difficult to manoeuvre. Deal with it. Take some time to adjust to the lack of agility because their other capabilities more than compensate for their sluggishness.

For a start heavies are, by and large, well shielded and heavily armored. As a result, when piloting a heavy, you can place yourself in the thick of a battle and take quite a lot of punishment while picking off your enemies at your leisure.

Heavies also are well-equipped when it comes to weapons. Flak cannons deal out enormous amounts of damage if used effectively and the additional bonus of those weapons being head-tracked makes the package even more potent.

Plus, the heavies tend to come with a Micro Warp Drive which mitigates their slow speed and lack of agility. Engage the MWD cleverly and you can zip in and out of combat frustrating and confusing your enemies in equal measure.

Enough chat. Let's see some of those heavies in action.

If you want to know more about the heavy class ships, our friend and ace Valkyrie pilot Nydwen has plenty to say on the subject.

We also have plenty of additional expert tips when it comes to fighter class ships and dogfighting.

In summary though, our advice is to fly safe, but don’t play safe. Fighters are fun, but it pays to step out of your comfort zone. Give the heavies a go. You might like what you find.